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Verb: contribute  kun'tri-byoot [N. Amer], 'kón-tru,byoot or kun'tri-byoot [Brit]
  1. Provide a particular quality or character
    "Her presence contributes a certain cachet to the company";
    - lend, impart, bestow, add, bring
  2. Provide a part of a whole amount; give towards some cause
    "I contributed at the office";
    - give, chip in [informal], kick in
  3. Have the effect of making happen, or become more likely
    "The use of computers in the classroom contributed to better writing";
    - lead, conduce
  4. Provide
    "The city has to contribute half the required amount";
    - put up

Derived forms: contributed, contributes, contributing

Type of: advance, alter, boost, change, encourage, further, give, modify, pay, promote

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