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Verb: promote  pru'mowt
  1. Contribute to the progress or growth of
    "I am promoting the use of computers in the classroom";
    - advance, boost, further, encourage
  2. Give a promotion to or assign to a higher position
    "I got promoted after many years of hard work";
    - upgrade, advance, kick upstairs, raise, elevate
  3. Make publicity for; try to sell (a product)
    "The company is heavily promoting their new laptops";
    - advertise, advertize [US, non-standard], push, flack [N. Amer, informal]
  4. (board game) be changed for a superior chess or checker piece
  5. (chess) change a pawn for a better piece by advancing it to the eighth row, or change a checker piece for a more valuable piece by moving it to the row closest to your opponent

Derived forms: promoted, promotes, promoting

Type of: assign, back up, change, delegate, depute, designate, play, praise, support

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