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Noun: toll  tówl
  1. A fee levied for the use of roads or bridges
  2. Value measured by what must be given, done or undergone to obtain something
    "the toll of success is hard work";
    - price, cost
  3. The sound of a bell being struck
    "she heard the distant toll of church bells";
    - bell
  4. The loss or damage incurred through a conflict, disaster or accident
    "a huge death toll"
Verb: toll  tówl
  1. Ring slowly
    "For whom the bell tolls"
  2. Charge a fee for using
    "Toll the bridges into New York City"

Sounds like: told, t, tol

Derived forms: tolling, tolls, tolled

Type of: fee, impose, knell, knoll [archaic], levy, merit, ring, sound, value, worth

Encyclopedia: Toll, Richard