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Adjective: trusted  trú-stid
  1. (of persons) worthy of trust or confidence
    "a trusted friend";
    - sure
Verb: trust  trúst
  1. Have confidence or faith in
    "We can trust in our government"
  2. Allow without fear
  3. Be confident about something
    "I trust that he will come back from the war";
    - believe
  4. Expect and wish
    "I trust you will behave better from now on";
    - hope, desire
  5. Confer a trust upon
    "The messenger was trusted with the general's secret";
    - entrust, intrust [archaic], confide, commit
  6. [archaic] (chiefly archaic) extend credit to
    "don't trust my ex-wife; I won't pay her debts anymore"

See also: straight-up [informal], trustable, trustworthy, trusty

Type of: allow, anticipate, believe, countenance, expect, give, hand, lend, let, loan, pass, pass on, permit, reach, turn over

Antonym: distrust

Encyclopedia: Trusted

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