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Adjective: unacceptable  ,ún-ik'sep-tu-bul or ,ún-ak'sep-tu-bul
  1. Not acceptable; not welcome
    "a word unacceptable in polite society"; "an unacceptable violation of personal freedom"
  2. Not adequate to give satisfaction
    "the coach told his players that defeat was unacceptable"
  3. (of a person or group of people) very annoying, unreasonable or difficult to deal with
    "unacceptable behaviour";
    - impossible
  4. (linguistics) not conforming to standard usage
    "the following use of 'access' was judged unacceptable by a panel of linguists; 'You can access your cash at any of 300 automatic tellers'";
    - unaccepted

See also: exceptionable, intolerable, nonstandard, objectionable, unbearable, unendurable, unsatisfactory, unwelcome, unwished, unwished-for

Antonym: acceptable

Encyclopedia: Unacceptable