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Noun: underlay  'ún-du(r),ley
  1. A pad placed under a carpet
    - carpet pad, rug pad, underlayment
Verb: underlay (underlaid)  'ún-du(r),ley
  1. (printing) raise or support (the level of printing) by inserting a piece of paper or cardboard under the type
    "underlay the plate"
  2. Put (something) under or beneath
    "They underlaid the shingles with roofing paper"
  3. Provide with a base, support, lining, or backing
    "underlay the boards with joists"
Verb: underlie (underlay,underlain,underlying)  ,ún-du(r)'lI
  1. Be or form the base for
  2. Lie underneath

Derived forms: underlaid, underlays, underlaying

Type of: be, bring up, cater, elevate, get up, lay, lie, lift, pad, place, ply, pose, position, provide, put, raise, set, supply

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