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Adjective: uneven  ,ún'ee-vun
  1. (of a contest or contestants) not fairly matched as opponents
    "vaudeville...waged an uneven battle against the church";
    - mismatched
  2. Variable and recurring at irregular intervals
    "an uneven gait"; "uneven spacing"
  3. Lacking consistency
    "the golfer hit the ball well but his putting was uneven";
    - spotty, scratchy
  4. Not even or uniform as e.g. in shape or texture
    "an uneven colour"; "uneven ground"; "uneven margins"; "wood with an uneven grain"
  5. Not divisible by two
    - odd

See also: crinkled, crinkly, cross-grained, curly-grained, evenness, inconsistent, invariability, irregular, jagged, jaggy, lumpy, one-sided, out of true, patchy, pebble-grained, ragged, raggedy [N. Amer], raggy [informal], rippled, rough, scraggy, unequal, unparallel, unsmooth, unsteady, untrue, wavelike, wavy, wavy-grained

Antonym: even