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Noun: widdle  wi-d(u)l
Usage: Brit, informal
  1. Liquid excretory product
    "there was blood in his widdle";
    - urine, pee [informal], piddle [informal], weewee [informal], water
Verb: widdle  wi-d(u)l
Usage: Brit, informal
  1. Eliminate urine
    "Again, the cat had widdled on the expensive rug";
    - urinate, piddle [informal], micturate [formal], pee [informal], pee-pee [informal], make water, relieve oneself [informal], take a leak [informal], spend a penny [Brit, informal], wee [Brit, informal], wee-wee [informal], pass water

Derived forms: widdling, widdles, widdled

Type of: body waste, egest, eliminate, excrement, excreta, excrete, excretion, excretory product, pass