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Adjective: wide (wider,widest)  wId
  1. Having great (or a certain) extent from one side to the other
    "wide roads"; "a wide necktie"; "wide margins"; "three feet wide";
    - broad
  2. Broad in scope or content
    "granted him wide powers";
    - across-the-board, all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-inclusive, blanket, broad, encompassing, extensive, panoptic
  3. Great in degree
    "won by a wide margin"
  4. (used of eyes) fully open or extended
    "stared with wide eyes";
    - wide-eyed
  5. Very large in expanse or scope
    "the wide plains";
    - broad, spacious
  6. Having ample fabric
    "the current taste for wide trousers";
    - wide-cut, full
  7. Not on target
    "the kick was wide"; "the arrow was wide of the mark"; "a claim that was wide of the truth";
    - wide of the mark
Adverb: wide  wId
  1. With or by a broad space
    "stand with legs wide apart"; "ran wide around left end"
  2. To the fullest extent possible
    "open your eyes wide"; "with the throttle wide open"
  3. Far from the intended target
    "the arrow went wide of the mark";
    - astray
  4. To or over a great extent or range; far
    "wandered wide through many lands";
    - widely
Noun: wide  wId
  1. (cricket) a ball that passes so far from the batsman that the umpire deems it unplayable

Derived forms: wider, widest, wides

See also: ample, beamy, big, bird's-eye, breadth, broad-brimmed, comfortable, comprehensive, deep, fanlike, inaccurate, large, open, opened, panoramic, sweeping, thick, wide-screen, width

Antonym: narrow

Encyclopedia: Wide, Wide World