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Verb: yawn  yon
  1. Utter a yawn, as from lack of oxygen or when one is tired
    "The child yawned during the long performance"
  2. Be wide open
    "the deep yawning canyon";
    - gape, yaw
Noun: yawn  yon
  1. An involuntary intake of breath through a wide open mouth; usually triggered by fatigue or boredom
    "he could not suppress a yawn";
    - yawning, oscitance, oscitancy, oscitation

Derived forms: yawns, yawned, yawning

Type of: be, breathe, inborn reflex, innate reflex, instinctive reflex, physiological reaction, reflex, reflex action, reflex response, respire, suspire, take a breath, unconditioned reflex

Encyclopedia: Yawn