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Noun: barrel  ber-ul [N. Amer], ba-rul [Brit]
  1. A tube through which a bullet travels when a gun is fired
    - gun barrel
  2. A cylindrical container that holds liquids
    - cask
  3. A bulging cylindrical shape; hollow with flat ends
    - drum
  4. The quantity that a barrel (of any size) will hold
    - barrelful
  5. Any of various units of capacity
    "a barrel of beer is 31 gallons and a barrel of oil is 42 gallons";
    - bbl
  6. The ribs and belly of a horse or pony
Verb: barrel (barrelled,barrelling, or [US] barreled,barreling)  ber-ul [N. Amer], ba-rul [Brit]
  1. Put in barrels
  2. [informal] Move or travel very quickly
    - rush, hotfoot, hasten, hie [archaic], speed, race, pelt along [informal], rush along, bucket along [informal], belt along [informal], step on it [informal], travel rapidly, hurry, zip [informal], zoom, zoom along, whizz [informal], whizz along [informal], bucket [informal], wing [informal], pelt [informal], rocket [informal], belt [informal]

Derived forms: barreling, barrelled, barrels, barrelling

Type of: British capacity unit, containerful, cylinder, go, Imperial capacity unit, lay, locomote, move, place, pose, position, put, set, travel, tube, tubing, United States liquid unit, vessel

Part of: gun, hogshead

Encyclopedia: Barrel