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Verb: zoom  zoom
  1. Move or travel very quickly
    - rush, hotfoot, hasten, hie [archaic], speed, race, pelt along [informal], rush along, bucket along [informal], belt along [informal], step on it [informal], travel rapidly, hurry, zip [informal], zoom along, whizz [informal], whizz along [informal], bucket [informal], wing [informal], pelt [informal], barrel [informal], rocket [informal], belt [informal]
  2. Move with a low humming noise
  3. Rise rapidly
    "the dollar zoomed against the yen";
    - soar, soar up, soar upwards, surge
  4. Change the view of an image so as to magnify or shrink it, e.g. when showing a picture on a computer or changing the focal length of a camera lens
Noun: zoom  zoom
  1. A rapid rise
    - rapid climb, rapid growth
  2. The act of rising upward into the air
    - soar
Verb: Zoom  zoom
  1. Videoconference using software called Zoom

Derived forms: zoomed, zooming, zooms, Zooms, Zooming, Zoomed

Type of: arise, ascending, ascension, ascent, come up, go, go up, lift, locomote, move, move up, rise, rising, travel, uprise

Encyclopedia: Zoom, Zoom, Superman!