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Adjective: black-and-white  'blak-un'wIt
  1. Lacking hue or shades of grey; part white and part black
    "a black-and-white cow"; "black-and-white blooms"; "black-and-white stripes"
  2. (photography) not having or not capable of producing colours
    "black-and-white film"; "a black-and-white TV";
    - black and white
  3. Of a situation that is sharply divided into mutually exclusive categories
    "he rejected a black-and-white world"; "there are no black-and-white certainties"; "there were no grey areas, you were either for him or against him, he was all black-and-white"
Noun: black and white
  1. Communication by means of written symbols (either printed or handwritten)
    - written communication, written language
  2. A black-and-white photograph or slide
    - monochrome

See also: divided

Type of: communication, exposure, photo, photograph, pic [informal], piccy [informal], picture

Antonym: colour [Brit, Cdn]

Encyclopedia: Black-and-white

Black and white