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Noun: broadbill  'brod,bil
  1. Tropical American heron related to night herons
    - boatbill, boat-billed heron, Cochlearius cochlearius
  2. Diving ducks of North America having a bluish-grey bill
    - scaup, scaup duck, bluebill
  3. Freshwater duck of the Northern Hemisphere having a broad flat bill
    - shoveler [US], shoveller, Anas clypeata
  4. Small birds of the Old World tropics having bright plumage and short wide bills

Derived forms: broadbills

Type of: duck, heron, passeriform bird, passerine

Part of: Anas, Aythya, Cochlearius, Eurylaimidae, family Eurylaimidae, genus Anas, genus Aythya, genus Cochlearius

Encyclopedia: Broadbill