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Noun: catfish  'kat,fish
  1. Flesh of scaleless food fish of the southern United States; often farmed
    - mudcat
  2. Large ferocious northern deep-sea food fishes with strong teeth and no pelvic fins
    - wolffish, wolf fish
  3. Any of numerous mostly freshwater bottom-living fishes of Eurasia and North America with barbels like whiskers around the mouth
    - siluriform fish
Verb: catfish  'kat,fish
  1. To deceive someone by professing romantic feelings but actually using a false identity
  2. [informal] (internet) set up a fake internet profile, esp. for the purpose of seduction

Derived forms: catfishing, catfishes, catfished

Type of: betray, blennioid, blennioid fish, deceive, freshwater fish, lead astray, malacopterygian, soft-finned fish

Part of: Anarhichas, genus Anarhichas, order Siluriformes, Siluriformes

Encyclopedia: Catfish