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Noun: comedown  'kúm,dawn
  1. Decline to a lower status or level
Verb: come down  kúm dawn
  1. Move downward and lower, but not necessarily all the way
    "The barometer is coming down";
    - descend, fall, go down, sink
  2. Be the essential element
    "The proposal comes down to a compromise";
    - reduce, boil down
  3. (of rain, snow, etc.) landing after falling from the clouds
    - precipitate, fall
  4. Get sick
    - sicken
  5. Criticize or reprimand harshly
    "The critics came down hard on the new play"

Derived forms: coming down, come down, comes down, came down, comedowns

Type of: abasement, become, criticise [Brit], criticize, damn [informal], decline, go, humiliation, knock [informal], locomote, move, pick apart, travel, turn, worsen

Encyclopedia: Comedown

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