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Adjective: confining  kun'fI-ning
  1. Restricting the scope or freedom of action
    - constraining, constrictive, limiting
  2. In close proximity; crowded
    "confining quarters";
    - close
Verb: confine  kun'fIn
  1. Place limits on (extent, amount or access)
    "confine the use of this parking lot";
    - restrict, trammel, limit, bound, throttle
  2. Prevent from leaving or from being removed
  3. Close in
    "darkness confined him";
    - enclose, hold in
  4. Deprive of freedom; take into confinement
    - detain
  5. To close within bounds, or otherwise limit or deprive of free movement
    "This confines the local until the express passengers change trains";
    - restrain, hold, constrain

See also: confined, restrictive

Type of: bear, carry, contain, disable, disenable, hold, hold back, incapacitate, keep, keep back, restrain

Antonym: unloose

Encyclopedia: Confine