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Adjective: desensitizing  dee'sen-su,tI-zing
  1. Making less susceptible or sensitive to either physical or emotional stimuli
    "Thus, instead of desensitizing the fearful dog, the trainer had reinforced the fear";
    - desensitising [Brit]
Verb: desensitize  dee'sen-si,tIz
  1. Cause not to be sensitive
    "The war desensitized many soldiers"; "The photographic plate was desensitized";
    - desensitise [Brit]
  2. Make insensitive
    "His military training desensitized him";
    - desensitise [Brit]

See also: numbing, predisposition, sensitivity

Type of: alter, change, modify

Antonym: sensitize, sensitizing

Encyclopedia: Desensitize