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Adjective: disputed  di'spyoo-tid
  1. Subject to disagreement and debate
    "the authorship of the theory is disputed"
Verb: dispute  di'spyoot
  1. Question the truth or validity of; take exception to
    "She disputed his claims";
    - challenge, gainsay
  2. Have a disagreement over something
    - quarrel, scrap, argufy, altercate, row[2]
  3. Fight against or resist strongly
    "Don't dispute it!";
    - fight, oppose, fight back, fight down, defend
  4. [archaic] Stand up or offer resistance to somebody or something
    - resist, hold out, withstand, stand firm

See also: controversial

Type of: argue, contend, contest, debate, fence, fight, repugn, struggle

Encyclopedia: Disputed