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Adjective: inflexible  in'flek-su-bul
  1. Incapable of adapting or changing to meet circumstances
    "an inflexible law";
    - rigid, unbending
  2. Incapable of change
    "a man of inflexible purpose"
  3. Not making concessions
    "took an inflexible stance in the peace talks";
    - uncompromising, sturdy, down-the-line [informal]
  4. Resistant to being bent
    "an inflexible iron bar"; "an inflexible knife blade"

See also: adamant, adamantine, brassbound, die-hard, fossilised [Brit], fossilized, hard-core, hardline, hard-line, inelastic, inexorable, intransigent, ironclad, muscle-bound, ossified, rigid, rock-ribbed [N. Amer], semirigid, stiff, unadaptable, unbudgeable

Antonym: conciliatory, flexible

Encyclopedia: Inflexible