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Noun: neighbour  ney-bu(r)
Usage: Brit, Cdn (US: neighbor)
  1. A person who lives (or is located) near another
    - neighbor [US]
  2. A nearby object of the same kind
    "Fort Worth is a neighbour of Dallas"; "what is the closest neighbour to the Earth?";
    - neighbor [US]
Verb: neighbour  ney-bu(r)
Usage: Brit, Cdn (US: neighbor)
  1. Live or be located as a neighbour
    "the neighbouring house";
    - neighbor [US]
  2. Be located near or adjacent to
    "Pakistan neighbours India";
    - neighbor [US]

Derived forms: neighboured, neighbouring, neighbours

Type of: abut, adjoin, article, border, butt, butt against, butt on, dwell, edge, individual, inhabit, live, march, mortal, object, person, physical object, populate, somebody, someone, soul

Encyclopedia: Neighbour, Oliver