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Noun: piping  pI-ping
  1. A thin strip of covered cord used to edge hems
  2. A long tube made of metal or plastic that is used to carry water or oil or gas etc.
    - pipe, pipage
  3. Playing a pipe or the bagpipes
Adverb: piping  pI-ping
  1. (used of heat) extremely
    "the casserole was piping hot";
    - steaming
Verb: pipe  pIp
  1. Utter a shrill cry
    - shriek, shrill, pipe up
  2. Transport by pipeline
    "pipe oil, water, and gas into the desert"
  3. (music) play on a pipe
    "pipe a tune"
  4. Trim with piping
    "pipe the skirt"

Derived forms: pipings

See also: pipe up

Type of: adorn, beautify, call, cord, cry, decorate, embellish, grace, holler [informal], hollo [non-standard], ornament, play, playing, scream, shout, shout out, squall, transport, tube, tubing, yell

Encyclopedia: Piping

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