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Adjective: steaming  stee-ming
  1. Filled with steam or emitting moisture in the form of vapour or mist
    "a steaming kettle";
    - steamy
  2. [informal] Feeling or showing extreme anger
    "wilful stupidity makes him absolutely steaming";
    - irate, ireful, furious, fuming, seething, hopping mad [informal], apoplectic [informal], livid
  3. [informal] Very drunk
    - besotted [archaic], blind drunk [informal], blotto [informal], crocked [N. Amer, informal], cockeyed [informal], fuddled [informal], loaded [N. Amer, informal], pie-eyed [informal], pissed [Brit, informal], pixilated [informal], plastered [informal], sloshed [informal], smashed [informal], soaked [informal], soused [informal], sozzled [informal], stiff [informal], tight [informal], wet [informal], lit up [slang], trolleyed [Brit, informal], mullered [Brit, informal], legless [Brit, informal], trollied [Brit, informal], bladdered [Brit, informal], screwed [informal], paralytic [Brit], stonkered [Austral, NZ, informal], fried [N. Amer, informal], swacked [N. Amer, informal], stinko [informal], hammered [informal], trashed [informal], pickled [informal], wasted [informal], stewed [informal], liquored up [N. Amer], tanked up [informal], juiced [N. Amer, informal], out of it [Brit, informal], blitzed [informal], three sheets to the wind [informal], blootered [UK, dialect], bombed [informal], off one's face [Brit, informal], wrecked [Brit, informal], bevvied [Brit, informal], drunk, pixillated, half-seas-over [Brit, informal]
  4. Feeling uncomfortably hot
    - boiling, sweltering, baking, roasting
Adverb: steaming  stee-ming
  1. (used of heat) extremely
    "the casserole was steaming hot";
    - piping
Noun: steaming  stee-ming
  1. [Brit, informal] The event of a large gang moving swiftly through a public place, train, etc. stealing things from people
  2. The method of cooking by immersion in steam
Verb: steam  steem
  1. Cook something by letting steam pass over it
    "just steam the vegetables"
  2. Emit steam
    "The rain forest was literally steaming"
  3. Rise as vapour
  4. [informal] Get very agitated or angry
    "her indifference to his amorous advances really steamed the young man"
  5. Clean by means of steaming
    "steam-clean the upholstered sofa";
    - steam clean
  6. Travel by means of steam power
    "The ship steamed off into the Pacific";
    - steamer

Derived forms: steamings

See also: angry, cross, drunk, gone, inebriate, inebriated, intoxicated, ripped [informal], skunked [informal], wet

Type of: anger, arise, clean, come up, cook, emit, give off, give out, go, go up, lift, locomote, make clean, move, move up, rise, see red [informal], travel, uprise

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