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Adverb: really  ree-u-lee
  1. In accordance with truth, fact or reality
    "they don't really listen to us";
    - truly, genuinely, veritably
  2. In actual fact
    "to be nominally but not really independent";
    - actually
  3. (used as an intensifier or sentence modifier) in fact
    "really, you shouldn't have done it";
    - in truth, truly
  4. Used as an intensifier
    "a really enjoyable evening";
    - very, real [N. Amer], rattling [informal], mucho [informal], thoroughly, cracking [Brit, informal], rotten [informal], massively [informal], dirty [Brit, informal], excellently, magnificently, splendidly, famously, tremendously [informal], capitally, awesomely [informal]
Interjection: really  ree-u-lee
  1. Expression of doubtful interest or surprise
    - izzit [S.Africa, informal]

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