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Adjective: rotten (rottener,rottenest)  ró-t(u)n
  1. Very bad
    "a rotten play";
    - icky [informal], lousy [informal], stinking, stinky [informal], dire [Brit, informal], rubbish [Brit, informal], crummy [informal]
  2. Damaged by decay; hence unsound and useless
    "rotten floor boards";
    - decayed, rotted
  3. Having decayed or disintegrated; usually implies foulness
    "dead and rotten in his grave"
Adverb: rotten  ró-t(u)n
Usage: informal
  1. Used as an intensifier
    - very, really, real [N. Amer], rattling [informal], mucho [informal], thoroughly, cracking [Brit, informal], massively [informal], dirty [Brit, informal], excellently, magnificently, splendidly, famously, tremendously [informal], capitally, awesomely [informal]

Derived forms: rottener, rottenest

See also: bad, stale, unsound

Encyclopedia: Rotten,com