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Noun: plaster  plã-stu(r)
  1. A mixture of lime or gypsum with sand and water; hardens into a smooth solid; used to cover walls and ceilings
  2. Any of several gypsum cements; a white powder (a form of calcium sulphate) that forms a paste when mixed with water and hardens into a solid; used in making moulds and sculptures and casts for broken limbs
    - plaster of Paris
  3. A medical dressing consisting of a soft heated mass of meal or clay that is spread on a cloth and applied to the skin to treat inflamed areas or improve circulation etc.
    - poultice, cataplasm
  4. A surface of hardened plaster (as on a wall or ceiling)
    "there were cracks in the plaster";
    - plasterwork
  5. Adhesive tape used in dressing wounds
    - adhesive plaster, sticking plaster [Brit]
Verb: plaster  plã-stu(r)
  1. Apply a heavy coat to
    - plaster over, stick on
  2. Cover conspicuously or thickly, as by pasting something on
    "The demonstrators plastered the hallways with posters";
    - beplaster
  3. Affix conspicuously
    "She plastered warnings all over the wall"
  4. Apply a plaster cast to
    "plaster the broken arm"
  5. (masonry) coat with plaster
    "plaster the wall";
    - daub
  6. (medicine) dress by covering with a therapeutic substance
    - poultice

Derived forms: plasters, plastering, plastered

Type of: adhesive tape, affix, calcium sulfate, calcium sulphate, coat, cover, covering material, dress, dressing, medical dressing, mixture, stick on, surface

Encyclopedia: Plaster, John