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Noun: reaching  ree-ching
  1. The act of physically reaching or thrusting out
    - reach, stretch
Verb: reach  reech
  1. Be at the destination after some time, either real or abstract; come to a given position
    "The water reached the doorstep";
    - make, attain, hit, arrive at, gain
  2. Get to a certain state, level, or point in time
    "This car can reach a speed of 140 miles per hour";
    - hit, attain
  3. Move forward or upward in order to touch; also in a metaphorical sense
    "Government reaches out to the people";
    - reach out
  4. Be in or establish communication with
    "Our advertisements reach millions";
    - get through, get hold of, contact
  5. To gain with effort
    "she reached her goal despite setbacks";
    - achieve, accomplish, attain
  6. To extend as far as
    "The sunlight reached the wall"; "Can he reach?";
    - extend to, touch
  7. Reach a goal
    - make, get to, progress to
  8. Place into the hands or custody of
    - pass, hand, pass on, turn over, give
  9. To exert much effort or energy
    - strive, strain

Derived forms: reachings

See also: give, pass, pass on, reach out, relegate

Type of: arrive, be, bring home the bacon [informal], come, come through, come up trumps [Brit, informal], communicate, deliver the goods, drive, get, intercommunicate, labor [US], labour [Brit, Cdn], motility, motion, move, movement, plough [Brit], plough on [Brit], plow [US], plow on [US], push, succeed, sweat, transfer, tug, turn up trumps [Brit, informal], win

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