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Verb: rival (rivalled,rivalling, or [US] rivaled,rivaling)  rI-vul
  1. Be equal to in quality or ability
    "Nothing can rival cotton for durability";
    - equal, touch, match
  2. Be the rival of, be in competition with
    "we are rivaling for first place in the race"
Noun: rival  rI-vul
  1. The contestant you hope to defeat
    "he had respect for his rivals";
    - challenger, competitor, competition, contender
  2. Someone or something with similar quality as another
    "As a social historian, he has no rival"
Adjective: rival  rI-vul
  1. As a rival in a competition

Derived forms: rivaling, rivalled, rivals, rivalling, rivaled

See also: hostile

Type of: compete, contend, contestant, vie

Encyclopedia: Rival