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Verb: tread (trod,trodden)  tred
  1. Put down or press the foot, place the foot
    "For fools rush in where angels fear to tread";
    - step
  2. Walk heavily or roughly
    "The soldiers trod across the fields";
    - trample
  3. Crush as if by treading on
    "tread grapes to make wine"
  4. Brace (an archer's bow) by pressing the foot against the centre
  5. Apply (the tread) to a tire
  6. Mate with
    "male birds tread the females"
Noun: tread  tred
  1. A step in walking or running
    - pace, stride
  2. The grooved surface of a pneumatic tire
  3. The part (as of a wheel or shoe) that makes contact with the ground
  4. Structural member consisting of the horizontal part of a stair or step
  5. The top of a step on a staircase

Derived forms: trod, treading, treads, trodden

Type of: apply, brace, contact, copulate, couple, crush, give, go, locomote, mash, mate, move, pair, squash, squeeze, squelch, squidge [informal], step, structural member, surface, tangency, travel, walk

Part of: pneumatic tire [N. Amer], pneumatic tyre [Brit], stair, step, walk, walking

Encyclopedia: Tread