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Noun: turnaround  'tur-nu,rawnd
  1. The time required to complete a task
    - turnaround time
  2. A decision to reverse an earlier decision
    - reversal, change of mind, flip-flop, turnabout [N. Amer], U-turn [informal]
  3. An area sufficiently large for a vehicle to turn around
  4. Act or process of unloading and loading and servicing a vessel or aircraft for a return trip
    - turnround
  5. Turning in the opposite direction
    - reversion, reverse, reversal, turnabout [N. Amer]
Verb: turn around  turn u'rawnd
  1. Turn abruptly and face the other way, either physically or metaphorically
    "He turned around to face his opponent"; "My conscience told me to turn around before I made a mistake";
    - swing around, swing about
  2. Improve dramatically
    "The new strategy turned around sales"; "The tutor turned around my son's performance in maths"
  3. Improve significantly; go from bad to good
    "Her performance in school turned around";
    - pick up
Noun: turn around  turn u'rawnd
  1. Turning in an opposite direction or position
    "the turn around of the image in the lens";
    - reversal

Derived forms: turns around, turned around, turnarounds, turning around, turn arounds

Type of: ameliorate, amend, area, better, change of direction, deciding, decision making, improve, meliorate, mend, preparation, readying, reorientation, turn, turning, work time

Part of: drive, driveway, private road, road, route

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