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Verb: unwind (unwound)  ,ún'wInd
  1. Reverse the winding or twisting of
    "unwind a ball of yarn";
    - wind off, unroll, unspool
  2. Separate the tangles of
    - disentangle
  3. Rest from work; become less busy, tense or anxious
    "He unwound in the hot tub";
    - relax, loosen up, unbend, decompress, slow down
  4. Cause to feel relaxed
    - relax, unstrain, unlax, loosen up, make relaxed
  5. (finance) sell a purchase position that was previously bought, e.g. if some amount of commodity is bought to be delivered at a future date, sell the delivery to another buyer before the delivery date

Derived forms: unwinding, unwinds, unwound

Type of: affect, change state, displace, move, turn, undo

Antonym: tense

Encyclopedia: Unwind