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Noun: weakness  week-nus
  1. A flaw or weak point
    "he was quick to point out his wife's weaknesses";
    - failing, minus, disadvantage
  2. Powerlessness revealed by an inability to act
    "in spite of their weakness the group remains active";
    - helplessness, impuissance
  3. The property of lacking physical or mental strength; liability to failure under pressure or stress or strain
    "his weakness increased as he became older"; "the weakness of the span was overlooked until it collapsed"
  4. The condition of being financially weak
    "the weakness of the dollar against the yen"
  5. A penchant for something even though it might not be good for you
    "he has a weakness for chocolate"

Derived forms: weaknesses

Type of: bad luck, cup of tea [informal], ill luck, imperfection, imperfectness, impotence, impotency, misfortune, penchant, powerlessness, predilection, preference, property, taste, tough luck

Antonym: strength

Encyclopedia: Weakness