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Adjective: brisk (brisker,briskest)  brisk
  1. Quick and energetic
    "a brisk walk in the park";
    - alert, lively, merry, rattling, snappy [informal], spanking [informal], zippy [informal]
  2. Imparting vitality and energy
    "the brisk mountain air";
    - bracing, fresh, refreshing, refreshful, tonic
  3. Very active
    "doing a brisk business"
Verb: brisk  brisk
  1. Become brisk
    "business brisked up";
    - brisk up, brisken

Derived forms: brisking, brisked, brisks, briskest, brisker

See also: active, energetic, invigorating

Type of: accelerate, quicken, speed, speed up

Encyclopedia: Brisk