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Adjective: energetic  ,e-nu(r)'je-tik
  1. Possessing, exerting or displaying energy
    "an energetic fund raiser for the college"; "an energetic group of hikers"; "it caused an energetic chemical reaction"
  2. Working hard to promote an enterprise
    - gumptious, industrious
  3. (physics) of or relating to energy

See also: active, alert, brisk, canty [UK, dialect], driving, dynamic, dynamical, enterprising, go-getting [informal], high-energy, indefatigable, lively, merry, physical, rattling, snappy [informal], spanking [informal], spirited, strenuous, tireless, unflagging, unwearying, vigorous, zappy [informal], zippy [informal]

Antonym: unenergetic

Encyclopedia: Energetic