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Adjective: snappy (snappier,snappiest)  sna-pee
Usage: informal
  1. Apt to speak irritably
    "a snappy tone of voice";
    - snappish
  2. Smart and fashionable
    "snappy conversation";
    - whipping
  3. Pleasantly cold and invigorating
    "snappy weather";
    - crisp, frosty, nipping, nippy [informal]
  4. Marked by up-to-dateness in dress and manners
    "a snappy young man";
    - dapper, dashing, jaunty, natty [informal], raffish, rakish, spiffy [N. Amer, informal], spruce, pert
  5. Quick and energetic
    "a snappy pace";
    - alert, brisk, lively, merry, rattling, spanking [informal], zippy [informal]

Derived forms: snappiest, snappier

See also: cold, energetic, fashionable, hip [informal], ill-natured, spirited, stylish

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