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Adjective: whipping  wi-ping
  1. Smart and fashionable
    "some sharp and whipping lines";
    - snappy [informal]
Noun: whipping  wi-ping
  1. Beating with a whip, strap or rope as a form of punishment
    - tanning, flogging, lashing, flagellation
  2. A sound defeat
    - thrashing, walloping, debacle, drubbing, slaughter, trouncing, hammering [informal], pasting [informal], débâcle, smackdown [N. Amer, informal], beatdown [N. Amer]
  3. A sewing stitch passing over an edge diagonally
    - whipstitch, whipstitching
  4. The act of overcoming or outdoing
    - beating
Verb: whip (whipped,whipping)  wip
  1. Beat severely with a whip or rod
    "The teacher often whipped the students";
    - flog, welt, lather, lash, slash, strap, trounce, whale [N. Amer, informal]
  2. [informal] Defeat thoroughly
    "He whipped the floor with his opponents";
    - worst, mop up, rack up
  3. Thrash about flexibly in the manner of a whiplash
    "The tall grass whipped in the wind"
  4. Strike as if by whipping
    "The curtain whipped her face";
    - lash
  5. (cooking) Beat with or as if with a wire whisk
    "whip the eggs";
    - whisk
  6. [informal] Subject to harsh criticism
    "The Senator whipped the administration in his speech on Friday";
    - blister, scald, scorch
  7. Wind twine (or similar) around the end of a rope to prevent fraying
  8. Suddenly move, pull or take very quickly
    "the bandit suddenly whipped out a pistol"
  9. [informal] Run or move very quickly or hastily
    "She whipped into the yard";
    - dart, dash, scoot [informal], scud, flash, shoot
  10. [Brit, informal] Take by theft
    - hook [informal], snitch [informal], thieve, cop [informal], knock off [informal], glom [N. Amer, informal], pilfer, cabbage [informal], purloin, pinch [Brit, informal], abstract, snarf [N. Amer, informal], swipe [informal], sneak [informal], filch [informal], nobble [Brit, informal], lift, nick [Brit, informal], snatch [informal], blag [Brit, informal]

Derived forms: whippings

See also: spirited

Type of: assail, assault, attack, barrel [informal], beat, beat out, beat up, beating, belt [informal], belt along [informal], bucket [informal], bucket along [informal], combat, convulse, crush, defeat, drubbing, embroidery stitch, fight, fighting, hasten, hiding [informal], hie [archaic], hotfoot, hurry, jactitate, lacing, lash out, licking, pelt [informal], pelt along [informal], race, rip [N. Amer, informal], rip off [informal], rocket [informal], round, rush, rush along, scramble, scrap, sewing stitch, shell, slash, snipe, speed, steal, step on it [informal], strike, thrash, thrash about, thrashing, thresh, thresh about, toss, travel rapidly, trounce, trouncing, vanquish, whacking, whizz [informal], whizz along [informal], wing [informal], work over, zip [informal], zoom, zoom along

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