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Adjective: encouraging  in'kur-u-jing or in'kú-ri-jing [N. Amer], in'kú-ru-jing or en'kú-ru-jing [Brit]
  1. Giving courage, confidence or hope
    "encouraging advances in medical research"
  2. Furnishing support and encouragement
    "the anxious child needs encouraging and accepting treatment from the teacher";
    - supporting
Verb: encourage  in'kur-ij or in'kú-rij or en'kur-ij [N. Amer], in'kú-rij or en'kú-rij [Brit]
  1. Contribute to the progress or growth of
    "I am encouraging the use of computers in the classroom";
    - promote, advance, boost, further
  2. Inspire with confidence; give hope or courage to
  3. Spur on
    "His financial success encouraged him to look for a wife"
  4. Push for something
    - recommend, urge, advocate

See also: exhortative, exhortatory, heartening, helpful, hopeful, hortative, hortatory, inspiriting, promotive, rallying, reassuring, supportive

Type of: advise, animate, back up, cause, enliven, exalt, get, have, induce, inspire, invigorate, make, propose, stimulate, suggest, support

Antonym: discourage, discouraging

Encyclopedia: Encourage