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Noun: fag  fag
  1. [Brit, informal] Finely ground tobacco wrapped in paper; for smoking
    "he took a drag on his fag and expelled the smoke slowly";
    - cigarette, cigaret [US], coffin nail [informal], butt, gasper [Brit, informal], durry [Austral, informal], cig [informal], ciggy [Brit, informal]
  2. A tedious or tiring task
  3. [N. Amer, offensive] A male homosexual
Verb: fag (fagged,fagging)  fag
  1. [informal] Work hard
    "Lexicographers fag all day long";
    - labor [US], labour [Brit, Cdn], toil, travail [literary], grind [informal], drudge, dig [US, informal], moil [N. Amer]
  2. [informal] Exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress
    "We fagged ourselves out on this hike";
    - tire, wear upon, tire out, wear, weary, jade, wear out, outwear, wear down, fag out [Brit, informal], fatigue, knacker [Brit, informal]
  3. [Brit, archaic] Act as a servant for older boys, in British public schools

Derived forms: fagged, fagging, fags

Type of: assist, attend, attend to, do work, indispose, roll of tobacco, serve, smoke, wait on, work

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