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Adjective: impure (impurer,impurest)  im'pyûr
  1. Combined with extraneous elements
  2. (used of persons or behaviors) immoral or obscene
    "impure thoughts"
  3. (religion) having a physical or moral blemish so as to make impure according to dietary or ceremonial laws
    "impure meat";
    - unclean

Derived forms: impurest, impurer

See also: adulterate, adulterated, alloyed, bastardised [Brit], bastardized, contaminated, debased, defiled, dingy, dirty, maculate [literary], morality, muddied, muddy, nonkosher, polluted, pureness, purity, technical grade, technical-grade, terefah, trayf, tref, trefa, treif, treyf, unchaste, unprocessed, unpurified, untouchable

Antonym: clean, pure

Encyclopedia: Impure