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Adjective: unclean (uncleaner,uncleanest)  ,ún'kleen
  1. Not clean, or likely to soil with dirt or grime
    "wore an unclean shirt";
    - dirty, soiled
  2. (religion) having a physical or moral blemish so as to make impure according to dietary or ceremonial laws
    "and the unclean to you"; "unclean meat";
    - impure

Derived forms: uncleaner, uncleanest

See also: Augean, bedraggled, befouled, begrimed, black, buggy, cleanness, cobwebbed, cobwebby, cruddy [informal], dingy, dirty-faced, draggled, feculent, filthy, flyblown, foul, fouled, greasy, grimy, grubby [informal], grungy, impure, lousy, maculate [literary], manky [Brit, informal], mucky, muddy, nasty, nonkosher, oily, ratty, raunchy [US, informal], scroungy [US, informal], scummy, scungy [Austral, NZ, informal], skeevy [US, informal], smudgy, smutty, snot-nosed [informal], snotty [informal], sooty, sordid, squalid, terefah, travel-soiled, travel-stained, trayf, tref, trefa, treif, treyf, uncleanly [archaic], unswept, untidy, untouchable, unwashed

Encyclopedia: Unclean