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Noun: incompetent  in'kóm-pi-tunt
  1. Someone who is not competent to take effective action
    - incompetent person
Adjective: incompetent  in'kóm-pi-tunt
  1. (law) legally not qualified or sufficient
    "incompetent witnesses";
    - unqualified
  2. Not qualified or suited for a purpose
    "an incompetent secret service"; "the filming was hopelessly incompetent"
  3. Showing lack of skill or aptitude
    - bungling, clumsy, fumbling
  4. Not doing a good job
    "incompetent at chess";
    - unskilled
  5. Not meeting requirements
    - incapable, unequal to

Derived forms: incompetents

See also: bad, feckless, inadequate, ineffective, inefficient, inept, unequal, unqualified, unskilled, unworkmanlike

Type of: unskilled person

Antonym: competent

Encyclopedia: Incompetent