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Adjective: interlocking  ,in-tu(r)'ló-king
  1. Linked or locked closely together as by dovetailing
    "How interlocking are the lives of children, families, teachers and school leaders?";
    - interlacing, interlinking, interwoven
Noun: interlocking  ,in-tu(r)'ló-king
  1. Contact by fitting together
    "the interlocking of the clutch";
    - engagement, mesh, meshing
  2. The act of interlocking or meshing
    "an interlocking of arms by the police held the crowd in check";
    - mesh, meshing, interlock
Verb: interlock  ,in-tu(r)'lók
  1. Coordinate in such a way that all parts work together effectively
    - mesh, intermesh
  2. Hold in a locking position
    "He interlocked his hands around her neck";
    - lock, interlace
  3. Become engaged or intermeshed with one another
    "They were interlocked in embrace";
    - lock

Derived forms: interlockings

See also: complex

Type of: bosom, catch, contact, coordinate, embrace, grab, hold, hug, impinging, organise [Brit], organize, snap, snatch, squeeze, striking, take hold

Encyclopedia: Interlocking