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Noun: jacket  ja-kit
  1. A short coat
  2. An outer wrapping or casing
    "phonograph records were sold in cardboard jackets"
  3. (dentistry) dental appliance consisting of an artificial crown for a broken or decayed tooth
    "tomorrow my dentist will fit me for a jacket crown";
    - crown, crownwork, jacket crown, cap
  4. The outer skin of a potato
  5. The tough metal shell casing for certain kinds of ammunition
Verb: jacket  ja-kit
  1. Provide with a thermally non-conducting cover
    "The tubing needs to be jacketed"
  2. Put a jacket on
    "The men were jacketed"

Derived forms: jacketed, jackets, jacketing

Type of: apparel, case, casing, clothe, coat, cover, dental appliance, dress, enclothe, fit out, garb, garment, habilitate [archaic], peel, raiment [archaic], shell, skin, tog [informal], wrap, wrapper, wrapping

Part of: aloo [Asia], alu [Asia], Irish potato [US], murphy [informal], potato, pratie [Ireland], praty [Ireland], spud [informal], tater [informal], tatie [UK, dialect], tattie [UK, dialect], white potato [US]

Encyclopedia: Jacket, Missouri