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Adverb: off  óf
  1. From a particular thing, place or position
    "went off to school"; "they drove off";
    - away, forth [archaic]
  2. At a distance in space or time
    "the boat was 5 miles off"; "the party is still 2 weeks off";
    - away
  3. No longer on or in contact or attached
    "clean off the dirt"; "he shaved off his moustache"
Adjective: off  óf
  1. Not in operation or operational
    "the oven is off"; "the lights are off"
  2. (of events) no longer planned or scheduled
    "the wedding is definitely off";
    - cancelled [Brit, Cdn], canceled [US]
  3. Below a satisfactory level
    "an off year for tennis"; "his performance was off"
  4. In an unpalatable state
    "off milk";
    - sour, turned
  5. Not performing or scheduled for duties
    "He's off every Tuesday"
Verb: off  óf
Usage: informal
  1. [N. Amer, informal] Kill intentionally and with premeditation
    - murder, slay [literary], hit, dispatch, bump off [informal], polish off [informal], remove, croak
  2. Go away from a place
    - leave, go forth, go away

Derived forms: offs, offing, offed

See also: disconnected, inactive, soured, unsatisfactory

Type of: kill

Antonym: on

Encyclopedia: Off, Ottoman Empire