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Interjection: go away
  1. Instruction to go away
    - avaunt [archaic], beat it, begone, bog off [Brit], get lost, hop it [Brit], leg it, be off, scram, get knotted [Brit], run along, sod off [Brit], take a hike
Verb: go away
  1. Move away from a place into another direction
    "Go away before I start to cry";
    - go, depart
  2. Go away from a place
    "At what time does your train go away?";
    - leave, go forth
  3. Become invisible or unnoticeable
    "The effect went away when day broke";
    - vanish, disappear
  4. Get lost, as without warning or explanation
    "He went away without a trace";
    - disappear, vanish

Derived forms: going away, went away, gone away, goes away

Type of: cease, end, exit, finish, get out, go out, leave, stop, terminate