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Verb: reflect  ri'flekt
  1. Manifest or bring back
    "This action reflects his true beliefs"
  2. Think deeply about a subject or question over a period of time
    "The scientist must stop to observe and start to reflect";
    - chew over, think over, meditate, ponder, excogitate, contemplate, muse, mull, mull over, ruminate, speculate
  3. (acoustics) to throw or bend back (from a surface)
    "Sound is reflected well in this auditorium";
    - reverberate
  4. Be bright by reflecting or casting light
    "Drive carefully--the wet road reflects";
    - shine
  5. (optics) show an image of
    "her sunglasses reflected his image"
  6. Give evidence of a certain behaviour
    "His lack of interest in the project reflects badly on him"
  7. Give evidence of the quality of
    "The mess in his dorm room reflects on the student"

Derived forms: reflects, reflecting, reflected

Type of: attest, cerebrate, certify, cogitate, demonstrate, designate, emit, evidence, give off, give out, indicate, manifest, point, show, think

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