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Verb: salvage  sal-vij
  1. Prevent being ruined, destroyed, lost, or harmed
    - salve, relieve, save
  2. Collect discarded material
    "She salvaged the garbage cans for food";
    - scavenge
Noun: salvage  sal-vij
  1. Property or goods saved from damage or destruction
  2. The act of saving goods or property that were in danger of damage or destruction
  3. The act of rescuing a ship or its crew or its cargo from a shipwreck or a fire

Derived forms: salvaged, salvaging, salvages

Type of: belongings, collect, commodity, deliver, deliverance, delivery, garner, gather, good, holding, property, pull together, rescue, saving, trade good

Encyclopedia: Salvage, Newfoundland and Labrador