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Verb: soften  só-fun
  1. Make soft or softer
    "This liquid will soften your laundry"
  2. Become soft or softer
    "The bread will soften if you pour some liquid on it"
  3. Make less severe or harsh
    "He softened his tone when the students burst out in tears";
    - mince, moderate, mod [informal]
  4. Lessen in force or effect
    "soften a shock";
    - dampen, damp, weaken, break
  5. Give in, as to influence or pressure
    - yield, relent
  6. Protect from impact
    "soften the blow";
    - cushion, buffer
  7. Become less severe or strict
    - relax, loosen
  8. Make (images or sounds) soft or softer

Derived forms: softened, softening, softens

Type of: alter, blunt, change, change intensity, deaden, modify

Antonym: indurate, sharpen

Encyclopedia: Soften