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Noun: issuing  i-shoo-ing
  1. The act of providing an item for general use or for official purposes (usually in quantity)
    "a new issuing of stamps";
    - issue, issuance
Verb: issue  i-shoo
  1. Prepare and issue for public distribution or sale
    "issue a magazine or newspaper";
    - publish, bring out, put out, release
  2. Circulate, distribute or equip with
    "issue a new uniform to the children";
    - supply
  3. Bring out an official document (such as a warrant)
  4. Come out of
    "Water issued from the hole in the wall";
    - emerge, come out, come forth, go forth, egress
  5. Fill in and give as payment
    "issue a check";
    - write out, make out, cut

Type of: air, bare, communicate, distribute, intercommunicate, provision, publicise [Brit], publicize, supply, write

Antonym: recall

Encyclopedia: Issue, Maryland