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Adjective: out-of-the-way  ,awt-uv-dhu'wey
  1. Exceptional, unusual, or remarkable
    "out-of-the-way information";
    - out of the way, out of the ordinary
  2. Improper or even offensive
    "out-of-the-way remarks";
    - out of the way
  3. Dealt with; disposed of
    - out of the way
  4. Remote from populous or much-travelled regions
    "they found a quiet out-of-the-way resort";
    - off the beaten track, out of the way
Adverb: out of the way
  1. Extraordinary; unusual
    "such erratic behaviour was out of the way for him"
  2. Improper; amiss
  3. In a remote location or at a distance from the usual route
  4. Murdered
    "the mob boss wanted his rival out of the way"
  5. So as not to obstruct or hinder
    "put that box out of the way so that no one trips on it"

See also: far, finished, improper, unusual